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Re: bios password

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The chipset is the main difference. Some times it takes more than one boot to do it, but that trick only works on Windows 7. I haven't tested it on Vista. If you are restoring XP the chipset diference is enough. Have you tried putting the caddy back in the Mk2 to see if it will boot still. One forum member had a CF-51 that was locked down and installing a hard drive activated the password lock on the new drive. So he was out the laptop he couldn't use and the hard drive was then locked to it. Couldn't even format it.
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Re: bios password

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Does anyone know of a program that prints out the settings for BIOS - no changing, read only?

Actually, most BIOS locked units are still pretty useful computers since you really don't need to change settings in BIOS that often - if at all. For example, the WIN 7/Accessories/System Tools/System Information displays many of the setting from the first screen of BIOS - so it is possible to read what is locked. It would be nice to know what limitations a locked unit actually had. Ideas?
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Re: bios password

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The mk3 I have has the WiFi and Bluetooth turned off,it was a US Navy unit. Other then that it works great,I more then likely have it sold to the Ford dealer but at a substantial discount compared to the other 52's and 30mk2's I sold them.

Mind you I didn't lose anything on the deal and just about doubled my investment, but at half the price of the last mk3 I sold.

If they lock the USB and DVD out of the boot order,had one,then you hope you have an identical model to make it happen,which I did. Lenovo X60 is also impossible to break into. Good thing I had 2.
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Re: bios password

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Re: bios password

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Has anyone else had success with the bios chip swap for unlocking a Mk3? I'm thinking of giving it a shot on my Mk3, but I can't find the BIOS or EC files anywhere to burn to a new chip.

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