cf 3o mk1 touch screen issue with every single bios

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Re: cf 3o mk1 touch screen issue with every single bios

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any idea guys ?????

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Re: cf 3o mk1 touch screen issue with every single bios

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Did you check the MD5 hash after downloading? That verifies that your download was not corrupted by the connection you where using.

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Re: cf 3o mk1 touch screen issue with every single bios

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I am having just about the same problem as you...almost. Before I upgraded to W7 and updated the BIOS my touch screen worked fine. After I upgraded W7 it worked great and so did the touch until I decided to restore it back to XP Pro with the restore disk and down grade the BIOS. The touch screen never worked after the restore, I even did it a total of 3 times and no luck so I put W7 back on it and the touch screen is back and is dead on ?? The only thing I can think of is...when you down grade the BIOS from the Vista BIOS to the XP BIOS it is not the same BIOS that the 30 came with when new. This is the only thing I can think of why it will not work in XP but works great in W7.
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