Recommend a CF-29 media bay CD adapter for SSD?

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Recommend a CF-29 media bay CD adapter for SSD?

#1 Post by Springfield »

I have a friend that wants to put an SSD into the media bay of his CF-29. I know Shawn and others did alot of experimenting with these. Understand the media bay side is IDE and his SSD is SATA (Intel 120GB). Also believe you guys learned it will not boot from the media bay SSD due to the SATA-IDE adapter. But would like your recommendation on the best quality & performance of the CD type adapters that would work.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Recommend a CF-29 media bay CD adapter for SSD?

#2 Post by Shawn »

I would avoid any ide to sata adapter. Find an ide SSD. If he must use the sata one, it is pot luck which one is "best". The fleabay sellers rotate the suppliers. You never know what they will send you. A lot of the difference is in the chip the adapter interface is based on. That's a problem because you can't tell until you buy it. They all seem to work on a hot swap. Worst case scenario is you have to go in and refresh device manager for windows to see the drive.

Leaving them in during boot is the real problem. None of the adapters are consistent in booting to the adapted drive. Some toughbook bios's will lock up with the adapter installed. Boot order does not make any difference. I don't own a cf29 anymore so I can't test one. My cf52 will not pass bios. If I recall correctly, my cf51 would pass bios. I need to test my cf30 sometime.

I do have an extra sata to ide cd adapter here.
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