Details on Secure Wipe (Voltage Spike)

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Details on Secure Wipe (Voltage Spike)

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Hi there,

I am looking for details on the FZ-40's Secure Wipe function.
I especially would like to know if forensics laboratories would be able to retrieve any data from a voltage spiked ssd/nvme.
I would also like to know if this is a special feature of Panasonics chosen ssd/nvme drives or if this voltage spike would kill just about any ssd/nvme in a secure manner.

This is what I got from ... Q_5-22.pdf
Can easily and securely wipe the entire contents of the PC including the OS and partition. Instead of overwriting data
which takes more time and SSD’s have limited read/writes, Secure Wipe applies a voltage spike to erase contents.
Instead of taking minutes or hours, it takes just seconds. It can be accessed in the BIOS under the Security tab.

Some other sources claim 10 seconds for wiping.

EDIT: Oh, the cf33 also had this feature according to this video:

EDIT: Is it the same procedure at outlined here? ... stroying/- Then it would be a command in the SSD firmware and thus dependent on a supported ssd model.
The "ATA Secure Erase" command instructs the drive to flush all stored electrons, a process that forces the drive to "forget" all stored data. The command resets all available blocks to the "erase" state (which is also the state the TRIM command uses for file deletion and block recycling purposes).
Importantly, the ATA Secure Erase command does not write anything to the SSD, unlike a traditional secure wipe tool. Instead, the command causes the SSD to apply a voltage spike to all available flash memory blocks in unison. The process resets every available block of space in a single operation, and the SSD is "clean."
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