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V110 Gen 3
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Author:  droppointalpha [ Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  V110 Gen 3

Document what I learn here. Post will be continuously updated; replies to post will document what is new.

Model specs-
8 Gb RAM
Intel HD 520 graphics

Batteries- Both drain and charge together but not exactly matching; maybe be a one percent off/different. Getac software and Windows software confirm. This is different from reports that one drains, then the other. Which posed some reported problems with some linux distros (system power failure due to a lack of 'seeing' two batteries). Need to test if the highest charge battery is drawn from until 'close' to its partner or if the system is simply pulling from one at a time in timed cycles or something different.

OS Tests and Results:
Booting- In order to boot from USB drive, I disabled the main harddrive (unsure of boot order or how to set it at this moment) and set boot mode to Win 7. If still in Win 8/10 mode, then the USB isn't picked up.
Testing examines boot up, display, network connection, power system detection, bluetooth, screen rotation function, touch screen function and accuracy, track pad, function key combos, OS button on screen, P1 & P2 buttons on front, volume controls on front, (more may be added to this list).

Antergos- Boot issues, Graphical/display issues (needs further exploration and research), track pad works,
Arch (DEC 2018)- To be tested
BlachArch- Boot alright, display good, power system shows BAT0 and BAT1, track pad fine, need to test rest
Mint 19.1 - To be tested
MX 18- To be tested

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